Hi! I am Melissa, the woman behind the camera. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website.

I am the mother of two beautiful girls. Halley just turned thirteen, so as you can imagine, things get a little hectic at home. We both have a shopping addiction and our favorite activity is getting Starbucks and our nails done. We love our girl time together. 

Lauren passed away in 2011. As a family we raise awareness for child loss and continue to help organizations that helped us through the most difficult time in our lives. We celebrate her life daily and because of her, we know the true meaning of holding onto treasured memories. 

I truly believe in celebrating you, your child, your family. I believe you should take the time to create memories with one another. There is no time like today to capture your/ your child's personality. You or they will never be as young as you are now. You should print your images, hang them in your home, and always remember that moment. Every single moment matters. I am really a crazy person with albums, prints, and wall portraits all over my home. I have a huge range of ages and looks. I love passing by an image and remembering something funny or heartwarming. It matters to me and I hope it matters to my clients. 

I also love Starbucks (I have it Every. Single. Day.), Makeup, YouTube, All things apple (the technology, not the fruit), Sweets (especially chocolate), tattoos, old tv shows and movies, rooting for LSU with my insane fan of a husband by my side, and having those lazy days where you sit and binge watch shows on Netflix. 



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