Loving Yourself <3

We all have bad days. The days that we have no motivation to do anything, we don’t feel pretty, we don’t feel at our best selfs. We all have those days and I have a few tips on how to change them. Here are some ideas on how to improve your self confidence. 


1)  Girls Night Out

Dress up, put some lipstick on and go out to dinner with your bffs. Spend some time with friends that make you feel good about yourself. Make sure these friends don’t surround you with negativity. It’s always nice to get together with your friends, maybe take some cute pics. These nights always bring joy and memories that you’ll never forget!


2) Change Your Look

Maybe you’re tired of the same old nail polish color, switch it up a bit. Go get your nails done. A fresh set of nails always makes me feel put together and brand new. You can also change your hair. You can get a haircut maybe dye it. There are a lot of different styles you can choose from. Lastly shopping to upgrade your wardrobe. Spice it up a little bit try wearing those knee high boots, maybe you will like them. There are many different ways in changing your look, it’s just your choice on what you prefer.


3) Be Kind To Yourself

Let's cut the negative and stop degrading ourselves. We are enough.  Stop pointing out what you don’t like about yourself and point out what you like. You are beautiful just the way you are and there’s no need to be so hard on yourself. 


4) Be Kind To Others

Doing something for someone else brightens your mood. When you are rude to someone else that reflects on your personality and you will be disappointed in yourself. This will lead to lack of confidence. When you compliment others or just make there day by being kind and inviting that will boost your confidence, being a kind person is something to confident about.