3 Ways to Create Confidence in the Gym

Walking into the gym for the first time has to be one of the most nerve-wracking feelings ever. It feels like everyone in that gym is already in perfect shape and like, how do people look that good while working out - it’s crazy!! Getting exactly where you want to be isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but there is no time limit on learning to love yourself. Sometimes it feels like everyone in that gym can sense your “first gym day fear”, but i promise you they can’t. We are our own biggest critics. There is no right way to look or right size to be, the only thing that matters is self love and finding the confidence in yourself to be the best version of YOU, because that is the only right thing you can be. It’s all about getting started, so let’s do it together! 

When walking into the gym remember these thoughts:

  1. Keep your mind focused on you and the exercises.  Keep your mind on your own work & mission.  Race horses wear blinders to focus forward to not get distracted or derailed by the other horses.  Focusing on the others can cause us to trip & fall off track.  Put your headphones on and get into the zone.
  2. Remember that it does not matter how a person looks or what their size is, it only matters what your own self image is.  I've seen a size 20 be much more confident, secure, loving life and herself than a size 2 who criticizes every little bit.  Build your self love and self image by recognizing your positive attributes.  Your appearance doesn't make who you are.  Confidence comes from recognizing & defining who you are.  Journaling helps you process your thoughts & see what self sabotaging statements you can flip to positives.  Also creating daily I AM statements to train your subconscious mind to focus on your best possible self.
  3. Everywhere you go always remember:  just like you are worried about what you think other people are thinking of you, THEY too are consumed with the thought that others are judging them, that they are too busy to judge you.  This gives me peace knowing that we are all the same no matter how different we look or how much more fit someone is.  They too have insecurities and are human just like me.  Keep your mind clear of thinking you know what others are thinking of you.  The reality is, you have no idea what's in their head.  They could really be worried about real major life or family issues outside of the gym and they came for some time away from their problems.  Focus on you and creating new self talk.

Your self talk creates your self image.  Your self image is the only thing that can limit your experiences and achievements in life.  Self image is also the only thing that will make you climb and soar.  Begin to release limiting beliefs and shatter self sabotaging self talk.  Your Mantra designs your life.  Be sure to repeat a Mantra that builds you up. Here's some ideas to get you started.

  • I am worth the sweat and sacrifice.
  • I am worthy of investing time into my self care.
  • I am creating the life, health, and body I deserve to live in.
  • I am victorious in achieving my goals, not a victim to my excuses.