The Four A’s to Stress Relief

I know from first-hand experience, how debilitating stress and anxiety can be during everyday activities. I myself struggle with driving anxiety on a daily basis, which sometimes prevents me from going out and having fun. Anxiety and stress are not something that can be cured; it is a lifelong battle that will have many high and low points. I wanted to share the tips I’ve learned these past years with all of you in hopes that it can help someone going through a tough time:

  1. Acceptance- The first step to dealing with anxiety is to accept it for what it is. Realizing that my problems with driving were real and the effect of a mental disorder helped me so much in believing that my issues were valid and not crazy.
  2. Avoidance- Avoid situations that cause unnecessary stress. This doesn’t mean to avoid what needs to be done, but to try to abstain from stressful situations that will negatively impact your goals. 
  3. Appreciation- take a step back and appreciate all the wonderful things you already have in your life. It can be easy to overlook the positive aspects of your life with all the stress of daily life taking your attention. 
  4. Alleviation- Find something that you relaxes you for those days when life gets overwhelming and stressful. Whether that is taking a hot bath, journaling, working out, etc., whatever you need to do, do it!

Life can be hard and a scary place, but when you accept that, it will be easier to appreciate the good times. Remember to take life day by day, and believe that you can overcome anything!