9 Items That MUST Be In Your Summer Bag

Question: What is the transition from Spring Beauty to Summer Beauty?

Quote: “Always keep your summer makeup minimal. Minimal and sheer makeup is the way to go when it’s hot and muggy outside.” – Mary Greenwell

Summer is around the corner and it’s “Goodbye Spring”. Your summer wardrobe is all set and your summer bucket list is ready to be completed. However, the summer weather has you all sorts of confused when deciding which beauty products to choose. Don’t worry, these 9 items are easy to find and great for a light summer look.

9 Beauty Items

1.    Essie Nail Polish “High Class Affair” $6.00

This nail polish isn’t like any ordinary polish; the color balances between a tan and light pink. The polish itself is very thin and takes a short time to dry, so you can easily paint your nails while heading somewhere.

2.    Maybelline Dream Fresh Cream $ 7.00

If you’re not into wearing foundation during the summer this BB Cream is easy to apply and creates a glow on your skin tone. There is many different brands of BB Cream’s, so find the one you love and use it for these upcoming summer days.

3.    Bareminerals Bareskin Foundation $30.00

However if you prefer to wear foundation there are two options I recommend. The first one is Bare Minerals Bareskin liquid foundation, it’s not as oily as most foundations and lasts a very long time. You can apply this foundation with a wide variety of brushes and is a super light foundation.

4.    IT Cosmetics Powder Foundation $30.00

The second option is IT Cosmetic Powder foundation; you can either apply a light amount or use it as a heavy foundation. This makeup works best applied with soft bristles and less compound.

5.    BDB Tinted Brow Gel $18.00

Instead of fully filling in your brows use this brow gel to keep your hairs combed and give you a tinted eyebrow look. This products works with a natural look or if you want to apply after filling in your brows to make sure they stay flawless.

6.    Laura Geller “Charming Pink” Highlighter $26.00

This highlighter can be used over any foundation or cream or on a bare face. Laura Geller’s highlighters stay on for a long time and never lose their shine. This product has two other colors however the Charming Pink provides a balanced pink and beige highlight.

7.    Urban Decay Electric Eye-shadow Palette $40.00

Planning on a dramatic eye look during the summer? This palette is filled with bright colors such as Pink’s, Purples and Blue’s. The pigment in this palette is to die for and doesn’t need much to make your eye’s look runway ready.

8.    Oval Brush Makeup Kit          

These brushes range from prices 20 dollars all the way to the hundreds. But no matter what brand you get, they all work the same. These brushes are more compact and are specified clearly for a certain blend job. They are harder to find but once you’ve found them make sure to clean them properly.

9.    Better than Sex Waterproof Mascara $25.00     

This mascara is more on the pricier side however is magic in a bottle. Better than Sex provides volume, length and color to your lashes. Not only are they great for a finished touch but it lasts longer than many mascara’s. If you plan on going to the beach and wanting to apply mascara Better than Sex also comes in waterproof. So don’t be scared to jump into the water that mascara won’t let you down.


From Nail Polishes to Mascara’s, this list should set you up for a glamorous summer look. All these products can be found at your local Target or Cosmetic Store, if you run out of luck there’s always online.