The Best Summer Combination

Quote: “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”

Question: How to fashionably wear high waisted bottoms and crop tops?

Fact: Crop tops were a huge hit in the 80’s worn by Madonna, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. They started making a comeback to fashion in 2011.

What’s a better duo than Kanye and Kim? Duh, without a doubt high waisted shorts and crop tops. These two staple articles of clothing are quick to find and super easy to create the perfect summer outfit. The great thing about this outfit is the various styles you can create with just shorts and shirt. 

Weekend time and ready to party, you can wear distressed black shorts with a dark colored crop top, some vans or Adidas and a pair of silver hoops for a stylish and basic outfit. Crop tops are extremely versatile and every girl can sport her style with the purchase of one shirt. 

Special occasion? No worries, there’s plenty of higher end or fancier crop tops in stores near you. Rock it with a maxi skirt or high waisted Palazzo pants, which are super comfortable and the thin fabric keeps you cool throughout the day. 

You can easily rock high waisted shorts with heels and casual wedges. And don’t forget to go all out with accessories when wearing casual crop tops, this can change your outfit from boring to styling in the snap of a finger. 

If you want to be known for all the fashion insight and hot looks, make sure you own many types of crop tops and high waisted bottoms and you’re ready to go!

Stores that sell high waisted bottoms and tops.

o   American Eagle: They are known for their huge variety of high waisted shorts and jeans ranging from size 00-12

o   Forever 21: Not only do they have an amazing shorts selection but carry hundreds of casual and dressy crop tops in all colors and sizes.

o   Urban Outfitters: Their clothing ranges from classy and dressy all the way down to vintage top’s. I highly recommend shopping there if you love unique fashion items.

o  Pacsun: In stores and online carries many high waisted bottoms from Kendall and Kylie all the way to Brandy Melville. Also check out their awesome deals. (Buy one, get two free)