How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

College Life: Let’s Dorm Decorate! 

What Look Are You Going For In Your Dorm This Year? 

    The time has finally come, you’re moving out and it’s time to decorate your dorm! Now as exciting as it is to be on your own, it doesn’t mean you won’t miss home sometimes. 

    The best thing to do when it’s time to say goodbye to your house and live in a new place, is make it feel cozy and comfy, so when you miss home, it’s not too far away. Follow these simple suggestions, and you dorm will most definitely feel like your home away from home. 

    The best things to make any place feel more cozy and homey are always blankets, pillows, pictures, the comfiest pajamas you own, your favorite books, your favorite movies, and maybe even your favorite stuffed animal from when you were little - no biggie, your roomie won’t make fun of you! 

    When it comes down to it, this new adventure you’re about to take is going to be the best one yet, so even though you might miss home, just remember it’s never that far away.