How To Practice Good Sleeping Habits This Summer

Quote -> “I will never be a morning person for the moon and I are too much in love” -Anonymous

Question ->Do you have a healthy sleeping pattern for your age?

Fact ->The average person can survive 10 days without sleep

Mystery/Cliff Hanger -> What happens to your body when you become sleep deprived...

After all the countless hours of staying up studying for a test or finishing your homework after work or practice, you can finally catch up on your sleep. It's summer and let's face it, our sleep habits are not very healthy for our bodies to function right. Here are some tips and tricks to stay on track with your sleep schedule or to help yourself get some sleep!

  • If you have an IPhone you can track your sleep with the tab ‘Bedtime’ in your alarms app. This tool allows you set up the time you want to fall asleep at and the time you want to wake up. This tool also shows you a sleep analysis each week. When using this you should set up the reminder that lets you know when it's time to go to bed. 
  • A sleep journal is an alternative if you do not own an IPhone. With your sleep journal,  record the time you wake up and the time you fall asleep so you can know what you have to change in your sleep schedule.
  • Turn off your phone. Our generation is addicted to using our cell phones. No matter how interesting social media is your sleep is more important. To not be tempted by your phone do not keep it in your bedroom, turn it off and keep your phone in your living room where you can't easily access it. 
  • Drink Tea to prepare for bed. Many stores sell teas made especially for bedtime. These teas have ingredients that help to get you sleepy.
  • Meditation before bed allows your body to be put in the restful mode and helps clear your mind.
  • Listen to a bedtime playlist on Spotify, there is a variety of tunes ranging from sounds of the ocean to peaceful melodies. 
  • Taking a warm bath or shower relaxes your body and instantly makes you sleepy. To make you ten times more ready to jump in bed put on your favorite pjs.
  • Skip the late night caffeine runs whether it's Dutch, Starbucks, or any other coffee shop. Caffeine will prevent you from sleeping and leave you feeling drained of energy. 
  • Apply lavender oil on your pillow. This will soothe you with scent.
  • Yoga before bed relieves and leaves you ready for a good night's sleep.

I hope these tips and tricks will keep you asleep, get you to sleep, and keep you well rested during summer ‘17!