Secondhand Style

Quote- “Fashion says ‘me too’, style says ‘only me’.” -Geraldine Stutz

Question- Who could say no to cute clothes at a amazing deal?

Fact- Choosing the right clothes can make a person less anxious and less depressed.- Mind What You Wear. Pine, Karen. 

Mystery/Cliff Hanger- The Key to Dressing Uniquely

Remember that time you walked into a room and ten girls were wearing the same outfit? Awkward… Fashion is all about being unique and showing off your own personal style. What makes you different makes you beautiful. Shopping at thrift stores is the best way to get cute, unique clothes for dirt cheap!

While the idea of touching and wearing used clothing may sound unappealing to some, the adventure of searching through junk to find your dream item is worth it. You’ll be more excited about your new dress because of the effort it took to find it! The key to finding great items is to keep an open mind. Some days, you will find a lot of great pieces and other days, you will walk out with nothing.

 Clothes are donated for all kinds of reasons like ordering the wrong size, outgrowing them, or just not liking them. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are dirty or out-of-style. It’s not uncommon to find BRAND NEW items, with the tags still on them, at thrift stores so realize that yes, there is a lot of ratty, outworn clothing at thrift stores, but there is also some beautiful and on trend pieces just waiting for you to find them.

When looking at items, plan outfits in your mind to incorporate that piece or find a way to bring new life to older pieces. Distressed mom jeans are super trendy right now but not everyone wants to spend $70+ dollars on them at the mall. You can DIY them yourself with a $5 pair from the thrift store. What a Steal! 

    Well, what are you waiting for? Hit up your local thrift store today and show the world your unique finds!