Being a Good Samaritan

Quote: To help a friend is really good. To help yourself is also really good. To help a stranger is the very best.

Question: What does being a good samaritan mean?

Fact: 50% of eligible young voters (ages 18 to 29) cast a vote in 2012, accounting for 23 million votes.

Mystery/Cliff Hanger: Is being a good samaritan hard/a lot of work?

Some might be confused as to what being a good samaritan entails. In reality, it’s really easy, and rewarding. 

A good samaritan is someone who is selfless, and willing to help others and their community. 

You’re being a good samaritan when you hold the door for someone, or help your neighbor. 

Being a good samaritan can also mean helping out your community. You can do this by volunteering, picking up the litter you see around, and making sure to vote. 

Showing you’re proud of your community and country is important, and you can do this by being a good samaritan.