Your Go-To Accessory Guide

Quote: “Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman.”

Question: How can I layer my accessories without it looking like too much?

Fact: Accessories have been used for hundreds of years to display status, and religious affiliation.

It’s not an over exaggeration to say accessories can make or break an outfit.

There’s so many options to choose from; hats, scarves, gloves, bracelets, earrings, necklaces-the list is unending!

The great thing about accessories is how customizable they are. You can fit them to your style and liking so they reflect your personality. Layering a couple different pieces can add dimension to your look.

They also are versatile. Choosing pieces that work with a lot of outfits can save you money, and it’s fun to try and see the different ways you can pair them with all your outfits.

It’s all about preference and expressing yourself, so have fun with it!