Tips on Becoming a Productivity Pro

Quote: The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

Question: How can I prioritize academics, my future and my job?

Fact: Every 1 minute you spend in planning, you will gain 10 in execution.


If you’re overwhelmed and stress with your daily life routine whether it contains school, friendships, work or more than this article will help you crawl out of that rut and blossom into a productive pro. Planning is the most important part of time management. Planning and prioritizing will keep you on course in completing your goals and objectives, whether it’s long term or short term. With these few steps your life should go from chaotic to relaxing in no time.

Step 1: Realize What Needs to Be Done

When many things are going on in your life and you become overwhelmed just sit yourself down and realize what needs to be done. This can easily be done by recognizing your top priorities to your last. For example, if you have a school test on Thursday but have a work meeting on Wednesday don’t freak out and think you won’t have time to prepare for your mandatory meeting or your test. Create a schedule and determine which event will need more study or time management. Obviously, in this situation your school testing may need more study time. When you have multiple events happening, pace your time and realize which is “top priority”.

Step 2: Write and Plan

This step can help make step one easier and can diminish your stress. Writing out your schedule for important events or for the week can make your life so much easier in the morning, You can either write it out on a calendar, planner or color coordinate it onto a whiteboard. Whatever you choose, writing important, dates and times can help you be ready and successful in the near future.

Step 3: Rewarding

The great thing about being productive and creating goals is the feeling you receive when you achieve them. It’s not selfish to reward yourself when you’ve completed something on your to-do list or goals. It can be extremely hard to meet your goals. It takes ambition and determination, don’t be afraid to self pamper yourself.