Save Time, Sleep In, Slay your Makeup

Quote- “Your day is pretty much formed by how you spend your first hour. Check your thoughts, attitude, and heart” - Kayla Itsines

Question- How long does it take you to do your makeup?

Fact- 69% of U.S. high school students get fewer than 8 hours of sleep on school nights, and 40% get 6 or fewer hours. - CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Cliff Hanger- The Quickest Makeup Routine You’ll Ever Read!

There comes a point in your high school career where you are willing to sacrifice your appearance for that extra 5 minutes of sleep, but it doesn't take as long to look cute as you may think it does. Follow this quick, 10 minute or less, makeup tutorial and you’ll get your extra sleep and look cute doing it!

Step 1: Focus on your problem area. For example, if your skin isn't looking it’s best that morning, spend the majority of your time on your base. Swiping a little powder all over will even out your complexion and erase redness.

Step 2: Brows, brows, brows! Your eyebrows are the framing feature of your face! They draw attention to your eyes so make sure those caterpillars are tame! A little brow pomade and brow gel will take you far!

Step 3: Use your bronzer as eyeshadow! Adding bronzer to your eyes is a quick way to add some depth and dimension.  Just swipe the bronzer all over, focusing it in the crease. It’s natural yet with a little mascara, it adds something extra.

Step 4: Make that highlight POP! Highlighting is perfect for school days because it will make you look hydrated and awake even though you're probably not. Swipe some product over the cheekbones, nose, and brow-bone!

Step 5: Spritz your face with a little setting spray to make sure your makeup is still flawless at the end of the day!

Incorporate this tutorial into your routine and watch how much time you’ll save!