Alternative Kickstarters

Quote: “Low battery, need caffeine.” 

Question: Can caffeine be detrimental to my health?

Fact: According to the International Coffee Organization, approximately 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each day.


Part of many people’s morning routines involve a cup or two of coffee. There have been studies showing that that amount of caffeine daily can be beneficial-but what about when the cups double, even triple? Caffeine overload is very real in today’s world, especially among millennials. There is almost an obsession with coffee, and its addictive properties don’t help. But coffee isn’t the only culprit, energy drinks can wreak some real havoc themselves. 

Of course there is safety in moderation- but that’s where people seem to blur lines. Too much caffeine can result in ulcers, headaches, and symptoms of withdrawal. A healthy alternative to an energy drink is a drink called Spark from Advocare- which has a natural stimulant without the crash and burn and health issues.

Next time you pull up to the coffee window ask for a smoothie instead of a redbull or coffee-just try switching it up and giving your body a break if you find yourself starting to rely on your morning drinks more than you think you should.