Braids for Days

Quote: “A girl without braids is like a city without bridges.” -Roman Payne

Question: Are braids for every hair type?

Fact: Braiding hair has been around for thousands of years, and has been a big part of many cultures worldwide. 


Gone are the days of simple, straight braids. Just adding a braid or two to your look can change it in a variety of ways! They can be so versatile. Fishtail braid your hair and pair it with a leather jacket and voila, the perfect edgy look. Add the same braid to a white flowy dress and you have a cute, summery, boho look. You can dress up an outfit with a swept-up braided ‘do, or throw it up in a braided bun for a quick and cute on-the-go fix. 

The possibilities are endless and experimenting is what can make braiding so fun. Get together with friends sometime and have a “braid party” taking turns doing each other’s hair and trying new braids out! Braiding has been a communal activity for thousands of years, and can be the center of fun times (and great hair!)