Prepping Lunches & Budgeting for Lunch

Quote: “Enjoy your lunch break”

Question: How can I eat well without spending too much money?

With school being just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about lunch. This year make a plan to not spend so much money on fast food. It is difficult, but there is a way. 

Plan Ahead

Make an outline of the week including each day. Have columns which label main, fruits and veggies, and sides. You can plan out what to eat on the days you decide to pack lunch. To save up money eat out 1 to 2 times a week. 


Preparing a Lunch

There are a variety of options you have for each type of food. Here are a few Ideas.

Main: Sandwich, Wraps, Leftovers

Fruits & Veggies: Grapes, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Berries, Celery & Ranch, Cucumbers, etc.

Sides: Chips, Cookies, Granola bars, Pretzels, Yogurt, Crackers, etc.

Drink: Juice boxes, Bottled Water, Caprisun, Gatorade, Etc.

Put your lunches in a lunchbox or lunch sack. You should prepare your lunch the night before so you do not have to worry about it in the morning. This will make your life a lot easier by saving money and keeping you organized.


The Helpful Guide to the Best Self Help Books

Quote: “I learned how to believe in myself. Learned how to set goals, you know, self help books man. I just read every single one I can get a hold of, and I still do.” –Drew Carey

Question: If I’m looking for self help why would I read a book written by someone else?

Fact: Self-improvement books now account for at least a $2.5 billion a year industry in the U.S. alone.


Person One:  You’re the type of character to spend hours in libraries reading and scanning through multiple books, analyzing most, if not every sentence and examining all the ways the author could have possibly reworded the sentence you just finished reading.

Person Two: You’re the median, the one who occasionally scouts for books outside of their comfort zone. You spend around 3 weeks searching, scanning and reading reviews for the perfect book whileslowly starting to give up thinking “There’s no books out there for me” or “I’ll just read To Kill a Mockingbird for the sixth time.” I mean no hate towards Harper Lee and the classical American literature; but c’mon, the 21’st century has became another dimension for authors and their masterpieces don’t give up now!

Person Three: You are none of these things. Not the book worm and not the type to even scout for a book. However, just because you aren’t type one or two doesn’t mean you can’t start now. I mean you obviously don’t hate reading that much since you’ve just read 250 words to see if I was going to write about those who don’t like reading. So no, I didn’t forget about people like you. Shockingly, I was once just you. So let’s make a deal, you continue and finish reading this article about the benefits of reading self help books and finding spiritual and emotional happiness and if you’re not fascinated and interested in reading at least five pages of one of the books I recommend, then you can take it up with my manager, however I have a feeling by the time you’re done, you’ll be saying “I’ve been missing out on so many helpful opportunities” and you will forget all about your phone, and showering and eating because you’re just too busy improving your life.

Self help books can range from balancing your work, academic and social life to reaching your spiritual climax or even just adding a touch of color to your wardrobe. Let’s get started in this amazing adventure to starting your new and improved life.


Looking for success help?

Book: Instructions for Happiness and Success by Susie Pearl

Not only does this book allow you to write your process to fulfilling a happier life but it also is a step-by-step manual to creating a mind altering experience where you get to create the life you choose. The tools in this book allow you to bring determination, peace, joy and inspiration into your life. Get to reading and turn your dreams into reality.


Looking for Mindfulness Guidance?

Book: Living in the Moment by Anna Black

This book teaches you how to let your past go and to start living in the future. It also shows step-by-step tutorials to meditate and connect with your spiritual side. This is the perfect read for those who need to let resentment and rage go and to start living to the best of their abilities.

Looking to Get Your Life Together?

Book: Roadmap by Roadmap Nation

This handy read is all about moving on, defining yourself and duh becoming who you really are. If you have no idea what you want to do with your life, or you know exactly what you want to do but don’t know how to get there, this guide is specially made for you. Don’t just take my word for it, find it online and read, read, read!


Need Help in The Fashion and Beauty Department?

Book: Get Gorgeous; 21 Days to a More Beautiful Confident You?

This 21 day challenge isn’t only a super cute book to read but also has the best beauty quotes and tips to looking like you came straight out of a magazine. This book is filled with21 projects and short paragraphs to gaining confidence on the outer parts of you.

Books written by others discussing issues you have in your life is a way to connect with the author and to make you feel like you aren’t alone in these situations. Everyone needs helping finding spiritual wellness, or confidence in your body and success, however many won’t admit it. So start to brainstorm things you need to work on and get to reading. I’ll be expecting messages thanking me for changing your life, enjoy.

Getting Involved In School

Quote: “ Embrace your school pride with your peers you only have four years”

Question: How do I get Involved with school activities?

Fact: Getting involved in school helps keep you motivated

No matter what grade you are in it is always important to get involved with your school. Getting involved helps you when applying for college, contributing to your school, and making new friends. You don’t want to wait until your senior year to get involved with school. Colleges want to see you can make a commitment and be with a club or activity for most of your high school career. Also you might end up enjoying a sport, club, or activity wishing you would have joined earlier. You want to leave high school with no regrets and enjoying all of what school has to offer. Whether it’s dances, games, or activities you can find something your school offers that interests you.

Take a risk and try out for the sports team you always wanted to do or audition for the school play. You do not always have to be going to school games to be involved with your school. The amount of clubs a school has is bound to have something that suits you. So don’t worry about having to be involved in something that doesn’t interest you, there is always a club for everyone.

Trying new things can surprise you, you might end up liking something you did not expect to like. It is always important to give things a chance. You never know the reality of something unless you try it yourself. So go to the football games, attend the dances, join the new club. The worst thing that can happen is you not liking it, but you will never know unless you give it a chance. You don’t want to join something your senior year and regret not joining earlier. It’s important to try as much as you can as a freshman to get to know your likes and whether you want to be involved with that club or sport all four of your high school years. 

Being involved in high school makes school a lot more fun. You feel apart of your school and you get to really enjoy being a teenager. Before you know it you're off to college and you can not go back to your high school days. This is why it is important to take a part as much as you can in high school. You need to live your high school years to the fullest.


Alternative Kickstarters

Quote: “Low battery, need caffeine.” 

Question: Can caffeine be detrimental to my health?

Fact: According to the International Coffee Organization, approximately 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each day.


Part of many people’s morning routines involve a cup or two of coffee. There have been studies showing that that amount of caffeine daily can be beneficial-but what about when the cups double, even triple? Caffeine overload is very real in today’s world, especially among millennials. There is almost an obsession with coffee, and its addictive properties don’t help. But coffee isn’t the only culprit, energy drinks can wreak some real havoc themselves. 

Of course there is safety in moderation- but that’s where people seem to blur lines. Too much caffeine can result in ulcers, headaches, and symptoms of withdrawal. A healthy alternative to an energy drink is a drink called Spark from Advocare- which has a natural stimulant without the crash and burn and health issues.

Next time you pull up to the coffee window ask for a smoothie instead of a redbull or coffee-just try switching it up and giving your body a break if you find yourself starting to rely on your morning drinks more than you think you should.


Prepping For College

Let’s Go To College!

The Time Has Finally Come!

Where Do I Start?

So the time has finally come, you’re about to pack up and start your new adventure in a tiny dorm room. As exciting as this is, It can be scary too. It is so important to make sure that you have everything ready to go so that when school starts you feel ready to rock it!

The most exciting part about getting ready to leave for school? Figuring out how to decorate your dorm, obviously! Look online at the information and amenities that come in your residence hall so that you know what you need to bring, what size sheets you need for your bed, and how much room your going to have so you don’t overpack since trust me, it is very easy to do!

There are a few other things that may not be as exciting to do when prepping for school but are still very important. Most colleges require placement exams before they can enroll you in classes, just to get an idea of what courses you should take and finding the best spot for you. Make sure you look into that so you can be totally ready when school starts.

Of course there are so many things you will learn while on your new journey, and remember it’s okay to make mistakes along the way. Research, ask fellow students about some tips you may need to know, and most of all, just enjoy the ride, because it’s going to be a fun one!