Halley | Mansfield, TX | Teen Fourth of July Session

Oh Halley - my baby! Seriously, every session I take of her - she looks older and older. 

So on the way home one day, I saw this open field with hay bales and knew instantly I had to do a session there. Halley and I were being so lazy that day, but since I recently drove past it, it was a MUST DO for us that day. We quickly got her outfit together and did an impromptu session just as the sun was coming down. 

As always, I am probably biased, but I love the turnout of them. :) 

I hope everyone had a safe, fun, and memorable fourth of July! <3

Defiance | Galveston, TX | Rebel Yell Cheerleading Session

While we were in Galveston, for a cheer competition, we thought it would be fun to do a group bonding activity - portraits on the beach! The kids chose the black and denim look to match in and we met up in the early afternoon to spend some time together. It was a blast and they all enjoyed posing for the portraits. It was different than their normal cheer portraits they are used to. 

Halley + Sarah | Mansfield, TX | Teen Best Friends Valentine's Day Session

For Valentine's Day this year, Halley invited her friend Sarah to join her for a quick photo session. Oliver Nature Center is such a beautiful park - it is huge and just has so many great areas. 

They wore opposite colors and we incorporated some cute balloons. 

Halley | Mansfield, TX | Teen Valentine's Day Session

Meet Halley. She is just the most adorable teenager on the planet. She just so happens to be my daughter. ;)

For every holiday we usually do an individual or friends sessions - so get used to seeing her face a lot on my blog.